Quality Assurance and Testing

Modes 1 through 4 and the Infrastructure Modeling and Inversion module of E4D have been tested and documented to meet Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Nuclear Quality Assurance – 1 (NQA-1), Level B Safety Software standards.  The  NQA-1 standard requires (among other things) that the code adhere to specified quality testing standards and documentation in order to meet a specified set of software requirements. This includes quality assurance safeguards such as version control, change documentation and testing, unit testing for solution accuracy, a software quality assurance plan, software requirements specification, software design document, software test plan, test matrix, and testing results.  All quality assurance documentation and testing results are logged on an internal version controlled website at PNNL. Modes greater than mode 4 have not yet been through the NQA-1 testing and documentation process. Inquiries concerning E4D’s software requirements specifications and quality assurance documentation should be addressed to .